USB Owl Pet

I love owls! They’re so cute! This little USB Owl Pet will be your friend in the office, he will move, open his eyes and most of all be extremely cute <3 !

This USB Owl toy can be standing either on your screen or on your desk, both stands are provided in the package. I would recommend the stand that goes on your desk as it looks good and it’s not as ‘in your face’ as the transparent plastic clipper that goes onto your screen.

Once plugged in, the USB Owl Pet will be randomly moving his head, wink his eyes and  open his wings. It’s actually pretty well timed so it doesn’t move too much, and it’s extremely cute! I love this USB Owl Pet!

USB Owl Pet Features

  • Height: 5.5cm (2.3″)
  • Colors: white, grey, brown, pink
  • Compatibility: any computer/operating system with a powered USB port

USB Owl Pet Review

There has been quite a few complains about the fact that some of these USB Owls won’t move their heads after a while, sometimes a few days. It’s hard to know if this is due to the shipping, users playing too much with it or just a week element in the USB toy, but it’s clear that it has been a concern for some of their users. The number of complains is quite high though, so I wouldn’t recommend to buy it, especially for that price, but if you have a friend who loves owls, this USB pet would be perfect on her desk, even if it doesn’t move his head!

USB Owl Pet

$ USD42
USB Owl Pet

Geek Factor







        • - Cute


        • - Won't last long?
        • - Expensive

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