USB Fido Security Key for Your Google Account

USB FIDO Security KeyThis is a pretty cool trick to completely secure your access to your Google Account. Using a USB Fido Security Key will allow you to access – in one of the most secure way – your Google Account. Of course you will have to always have this device in your wallet to be able to sign in, but this could also be a cool security tool for companies o secure their Google Apps Accounts. If you want for security reasons to allow your employees to access their Google Account from their desk only , you can simply attach this key to their desk and the only way they could get to their secure data is by using their office computer.

Features of a Fido Security Key

  • Works seamlessly on Windows, OSX and Linux.
  • Touch the button to trigger security based on public-key cryptography.
  • Identifies as a USB HID device which is standard on all computers.
  • Crushproof, waterproof, monoblock design, with hardened gold for 5+ years of daily use.
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain or in a wallet.
  • Manufactured in USA.

How it works

To setup your Google Account to use a USB Fido Security Key, please follow the instructions on their site.

Where to get one

Any USB Fido Security key that has the “fido U2F Ready” logo on it will work. It’s pretty new for now but it’s already available for purchase online!

You can buy a FIDO U2F Security Key from Amazon.

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