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portal 2 sentry turret usb desk defender 0

Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender

Big fan of Portal 2? This the ultimate USB gadget for you! This motion detecting Portal 2 sentry will protect your desk from anyone trying to approach you too close. It uses the sounds...

USB Floating Ducky Humidifier 0

USB Floating Ducky Humidifier

So you have a coworker who loves cute little things? That USB Duck Humidifier can be what you were looking for! This duck will float in a glass of water, suck the water from...

USB Thunder Missile Launcher 0

USB Thunder Missile Launcher

USB Thunder Missile Launcher’s Features The USB Thunder Missile Launcher delivers the extra power needed to hit the furthest corners of the office… or HR’s hangout where they frequently discuss your possible termination. Easy...